Friday, May 1, 2009

Pretty little bags off around the world!

Today I made some pretty little bags to send off to Finland. I am doing a swap with Hanna from Hanna & Leijona. One of the best things about this swap, apart from the beautiful things that Hanna makes, is that Hanna has a creative little daughter called Aava and she is almost the same age as Liberty! Liberty is so excited to have found a little friend on the other side of the world. Here she is happy in her work drawing pictures for Aava.
I made the little bags using tips from the wise Katie, you can find her 'how to' here. I found it extremely useful thanks Katie! Although I was much too lazy to attach handles so I just used stickers. Now I think I should spend an evening just making bags so I have a ready supply of them.


  1. Oh, I'm excited about this swap! Aava is thrilled, she saw Liberty here and thought that Liberty should get some sweeties and then she asked if we could check the mail already. When I told her that it takes maybe ten days for the cute bags to get here she sighed and asked if you could move a little closer so maybe we could come to see you and she and Liberty could play together... It's a big thing for Aava too. They are soooo sweet!

  2. Glad to see the bags are a big hit! I love how you put stickers on them~ Good idea! I have a whole bowl of bags sitting on the floor waiting for handles...LOL!

  3. Nice job, Mercedes! I recognise those stickers!

  4. How nice! the two little girls will be over excited untill they get their mail.Have a lot of fun

  5. What fun! I hope Liberty and Aava continue to have fun as pen-friends. :-)

  6. The bags are beautiful and soo nice that Liberty have a new friend! Our international girl!

    Love Sylvia

  7. Beautiful bags and how wonderful for Liberty to find a friend.

    I used to love having pen pals when I was a girl and learned so much about the world from them.

  8. How wonderful is internet...!

    and how wonderful is it that people from all over the world can become friends ans can share things with each other...I love it!

    Mercedes,thank you for sharing your ideas,it is great and so clever...I have some work to do now,haha!


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